Anti-lost CD Pro

Anti-lost CD Pro 2.2

Anti-lost CD ejects CD from CD-drive at Windows shutdown....

Anti-lost CD ejects CD from CD-drive at Windows shutdown. You can manage this process with advanced Anti-Lost CD parameters. In addition, with the help of this program you can use you CD-drive more comfortable with hot keys or mouse.

So,. If you don`t want to forget your CD disks in your CD-ROM and go to your friends with empty CD-box instead of bringing them an important program or interesting game, If you don`t want your friends or colleagues to forget their disks at yours and then look at you as if you have stolen them, If you don`t want to run from one office computer to another one looking for in which of them you have left your favorite disk, If you don`t want to waste your nervous and time.

we recommend you to try quot;Anti-Lost CD - this small program can solve these big problems And if you register Anti-Lost CD Pro now you will have the following advantages: all future versions are free for registered users; you can use Anti-Lost CD unlimited time, not only for 30 day trial; no any features limits or nag-screens; full individual support: in 24 hour period you will receive answers on all your questions and on all your requests about individual tuning; discounts for other NeSoft products, any other bonuses and souvenirs;.